Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On the Button

The Broken Brain now has its own button:
You can use this button for linking to my blog if you wish. Thanks again to the boys at New Links for help, and to Brilliant Button Maker for the utility.


radclyffe said...

hi stuart- its me again
LOVE the new button- have added it to my blog- and am now at the button maker -- looks like i just might have a button for my blog too--
THANKS for all the great links--
oh changed name from althera to radclyffe!

Stuart Ressler, M.D. said...

Hi, thanks for writing in. The commentary has been slow lately......mea culpa, mea culpa..apparently the posts have not been provocative enough lately. I've had a massive amount of work to do and basically no spare time, but I'll try and write some interesting stuff once I get some time off...Let me know when you finish your button, I'll add it here. Cheers, Stuart

radclyffe said...

hey stuart -- got my button-- its on my site--
took me a while to figure out how to make it since i had so dang many letters - decided i would just abbreviate organized-- made it sooooo much easier..
hope the work load has slowed down--i know for us here in florida the winter was horrible as we had so many tourists and 6 month residents- the ER was always jammed packed -- i am really glad i dont work there anymore- in fact i am really glad i dont work anymore!!!!