Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update nr 2 on Ariel Sharon's brain

Some years ago I wrote about the futile attempt to rescue former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon back to a meaningful life. Here are the links to the previous posts.

I suspected they would turn him into a vegetable. Well, they did:

"Sharon remained in the long-term care center following 6 November 2006.[61] Medical experts indicated that Sharon's cognitive abilities were destroyed by the stroke, and that he is in a persistent vegetative state with slim chances of regaining consciousness.[62]"

"In October 2011, Sharon's son Gilad claimed that he was responsive and alluded that he was sometimes awake. In a telephone interview, Gilad claimed that when his father is awake, he "looks out with a penetrating stare" and moves his fingers when asked."

[source: wikipedia]

Technically not exactly a vegetable if we are to believe he is at least a tiny bit responsive, which may or may not be true. But nevertheless, after 5 years, an 83-year old man is bedridden, possibly occasionally somewhat awake and able to move his fingers.

Maybe he is trying to sign "please let me go". That's what I'd be doing.