Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update nr 2 on Ariel Sharon's brain

Some years ago I wrote about the futile attempt to rescue former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon back to a meaningful life. Here are the links to the previous posts.

I suspected they would turn him into a vegetable. Well, they did:

"Sharon remained in the long-term care center following 6 November 2006.[61] Medical experts indicated that Sharon's cognitive abilities were destroyed by the stroke, and that he is in a persistent vegetative state with slim chances of regaining consciousness.[62]"

"In October 2011, Sharon's son Gilad claimed that he was responsive and alluded that he was sometimes awake. In a telephone interview, Gilad claimed that when his father is awake, he "looks out with a penetrating stare" and moves his fingers when asked."

[source: wikipedia]

Technically not exactly a vegetable if we are to believe he is at least a tiny bit responsive, which may or may not be true. But nevertheless, after 5 years, an 83-year old man is bedridden, possibly occasionally somewhat awake and able to move his fingers.

Maybe he is trying to sign "please let me go". That's what I'd be doing.

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Anonymous said...

Much like my father in law went through after he had two strokes, and after having terminal cancer for two years - having been told he had two years to live. Watching him suffer, and unable to communicate effecitvely was worse than his death; knowing he was suffering, unable to articulate what was troubling him, and that his pain was frequently worsening wihtout relief was much worse than knowing he would die soon. When he did finally die, it was an incredibel relief. Hopefully in time cancer such as his will have better treatment available, and stroke will also have better treatment to reverse damage done, or release the patient from the prison they find themseles in within their mind.
Where there is life and love there is hope, but sometimes the only hope is for the suffering to end.