Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nobody looks at the phone when it rings

This is utterly, totally off-topic, apropos of nothing. As both of my readers probably know, I'm a movie enthusiast. One of my pet peeves in movies is that when a phone rings, the character or characters in the scene turn to look at the telephone.

In real life, noboby looks at the phone when it rings. Of course, these days we do look at our cell phone screens to see who's calling, but when the cell phone rings on the corner table, we don't turn to look at it. Especially not landlines.

I realize that turning to look at the phone with a concerned expression is dramatically compelling. It's an effect. But when we're expecting an important call, the reality is, we'll just frown, jump up, or sigh heavily, or roll our eyes, depending on the nature of the expected call. But we don't turn to look at the phone.

Same thing with the doorbell. We don't turn to look at the door. Looking at the telephone or door serves no purpose, and we just don't do it. Think about it. You don't do it. When the characters in movies do it, it always breaks suspension of disbelief for me. I wish they would stop doing that.

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